Here are the updates from the Thailand’s Prime Minister (summarization):

Medical and Public Health

Including previously announced restrictions to reduce the spreading of Covid-19 such as Social Distancing and Work from Home. To increase healthcare workers’ ability to provide needed care to their patients, the government had acquired over 200,000 additional N-95 masks which can be disinfected via UV-C ray and reused up to 4 times in medical facilities. Currently, 1.5 millions masks per day are being used by healthcare workers around the country. In addition, 50 millions clothe masks for general public are being made and distributed within local precincts. These appear to be adequate supplies for these masks. Thailand has imported 187,000 doses of Favipiravir from China and Japan and is in the process of acquiring 200,000 more. We are preparing additional medical beds for 98 sites in Bangkok and the surrounding areas. In addition, we are creating an additional 80 ICU beds for future needs, including quarantine facilities in Bangkok and local areas which can accommodate around 20,000 patients.

Prevention Security

Travel is restricted between provinces and a curfew has been announced for the entire country between 10PM-4AM.

 Medical Merchandise Price Control

The government is actively monitoring market prices and making arrests of people who violate the restrictions via hoarding and price gouging of medical supplies.

Economic Relief

  1. Adding government funding (loans) to help cover costs for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), relief funds for citizens, and economic stimulus programs
  2. Financial Assistance for SMEs
  3. Financial support for banks that are suffering from loan defaults
  4. Reducing unnecessary government expenditures and shift funding to help with Covid-19 and other disaster expenses
  5. Increasing hiring of healthcare professionals
  6. Increasing free electricity from 50 units/month to 90 units/month (for meters with 5-amp capacity or less)


Slow down traveling for returning Thai citizens from other countries until Apr. 18th.

As of today, Thailand is one of the countries with low mortality rates from this pandemic. We are working hard, together in unity, as the whole county is fighting this virus and the government promises to take good care of its people. We applaud those who are working at the frontline as they are our heroes.

Restrictions to Address Songkran Festival

  1. Cancel all activities related to Songkran throughout the county
  2. Halt traveling of citizens to go back to their hometown
  3. Prohibit senior/elderly blessing ceremonies
  4. Prohibit mass gatherings of people

The government reccomends using online applications to express gratitude to parents and elderly family members if not living in the same place. Also, remember to keep 1-2 meter distance between family members living in the same household.

Happy Thai New Year, stay strong, we will win this fight together.  


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